Escape the cold outreach sales prison forever.

Build your business with the power of Brand Strategy: The ultimate unfair advantage.


The program that makes you irresistible to your dream clients.

What if you had access to a guy who has 20 years of experience working with some of the top brands in the world as a Solopreneur?

Someone they paid over $3.7 million to help them build the one business strategy that drives customers to their door, generates boatloads of cash, and separates them from their competition?

What if he created a simple, step-by-step Program that taught you exactly how to leverage this powerful strategy to build your own business that:
  • Made quality customers flow to you nonstop
  • Consistently generated six-figures every year
  • Allowed you to finally live the lifestyle of your dreams
And because he’s a beautiful and gracious human, you also received his routine guidance and feedback to keep you on the right path.

Oh, and you get a head start by joining an exclusive tribe of high-quality Solopreneurs who are capitalizing on the Golden Era of Solopreneurship and sharing opportunities as they build their businesses together.
Would that make you want to ditch the “Just send more cold DMs, bro!” nonsense that forms the basis of everyone else’s programs? (Spoiler alert.)
Then you're in the right place.

Welcome to Solo Brand Builder: The program that makes you irresistible to your dream clients by using the exact same Brand Strategies that the Mega-Corp businesses pay $ billions to access.

Why do they value Brand Strategy so much?

Because they know the secret that separates successful businesses from the ones that fail in misery:
You don’t build your Brand on top of your business.
You build your business on top of your Brand.
Here's the thing about getting this order right and dominating your own market:

It's not magic.
It’s not difficult to do.
It doesn’t have to cost $ millions.

Just like Sales, Copywriting, Marketing, and Customer Service, Brand Strategy is a skill that you can stack onto your core product or service.

With one MAJOR exception.

Brand Strategy is the one skill that provides the CONTEXT for all other business skills.

Think about it.

Brand Strategy:
  • Identifies your perfect customers
  • Differentiates you from your competition
  • Clarifies exactly who you are and exactly who you aren’t
  • Defines the precise messages that make your dream customers reach for their wallets
  • Positions you perfectly as the ONE who can solve your clients’ problems
  • Forms the basis for powerful content that brings customers TO you
  • Creates a tribe of loyal followers and fans that will do the selling for you
What if you knew all of this with total clarity and precision?

How much more powerful would your Sales efforts be?

Or your Copywriting? Marketing? Customer Service?
Brand Strategy is the ultimate unfair advantage.
By now, it's obvious: Brand-centric businesses are destroying their competition.

If you’re serious about building a business that enables you to truly live as you wish, you won’t find a better opportunity.
Solo Brand Builder is designed for Entrepreneurs who want the following:

Quality Customers Flowing TO You

This isn't just another templated offering telling you to send endless cold outreach messages that force you to settle for bottom-feeders. You'll learn how to land exactly the right customers with big budgets who will send their high-quality friends your way.

Join the Golden Era of Solopreneurship

If you have a marketable skill, an internet connection, and the desire to run your own business, there's nothing stopping you. The market has never been more primed for our message. Countless others just like you are getting their piece of the pie. It's time to get yours.

More Time For What Matters Most

There's no other lifestyle like the one you get from running a business with a powerful brand. More high-quality clients. More profits. More time for what you really want to do. What will you do with the extra time and money?

Like getting your MBA in Solopreneurship without lighting $150K on fire.

You'll gain access to a powerful course designed by a professional Brand Strategist who actually built a multi-million-dollar Solopreneur business. Plus, you get the routine support, guidance, and encouragement from like-minded community members to make sure you achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The self-paced course covers everything you need to know from start to finish. Across 8 modules, you'll access videos, documents, and worksheets built on the frameworks I've used to bill over $3.7M and guide dozens of enterprise-level clients.

Weekly Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching sessions provide timely and relevant information to keep you and fellow community members moving forward. Join them live, or watch them later. The program works around your schedule.

Online Community

The strength of your network will determine the level of your success. You'll gain an instant advantage by joining an exclusive tribe of fellow high-quality Solopreneurs in the online community. Learn, network, collaborate, and grow your businesses together.

Resource Library

Access to high-quality resources that speed up your progress, from templates to videos to detailed how-to guides. It's like getting bundles of Masterclasses, time-saving templates, and niche guides that will save you countless hours - all for free.

1:1 Coaching with Torrey*

1:1 coaching calls focus on reviewing your progress, answering questions, and defining your next actionable steps. Each conversation is totally custom and focused on your needs. *Gold and Platinum Tiers only.

An Unbeatable Commitment*

I'm so confident in the power of this program that it's easy for me to offer you a simple commitment: We work until you win. You stay on the Program and keep 1:1 coaching with me until you add $10,000 in revenue. *Gold and Platinum Tiers only.


What others are saying about my approach.

My entire mission is to help you start and operate a successful Solopreneur business so you can live as you wish. I'm literally obsessed with it. But, don't take it from me. Here's what others have to say about their outcomes once they join my tribe and learn my methods.

"After just a few weeks of working with Torrey, he helped me identify a key operational bottleneck and solidify the strongest elements of my brand. Within 90 days, I increased my revenue by over $72,000. You won't find a better person to help build your brand and business."

Mike Hoffmann
Owner, Mr. Passive

"We made $35K a couple of months into working with Torrey! If you want someone that gets you real results but still treats you like a dignified human being and NOT just a number, Torrey is your coach. The wisdom, direction, and experience he imparts in every single meeting is invaluable!"

Andre and Solie Osoro
Owners, Naptime Income

"Torrey is a vital source of inspiration, fuel, and guidance for my Solopreneur journey. His ability to communicate clearly and meet me where I am, to help me prioritize not just my business goals, but to orient my life path, is unmatched. He is my go-to mentor as I seek to scale my business and reach new markets. I’m proud that he’s my coach because, yes, he’s the best coach, but he is also the freakin’ best human."

Nekoda Silberstein
Owner, Hue Murals

"Torrey is my go-to strategic collaborator, and undoubtedly, my most trustworthy resource. If I find myself in the middle of a creative challenge, or the zombie apocalypse, there’s no question who I’ll turn to."

Josh Miles
Owner, Bold Brand

"Torrey is a highly unique and talented individual that takes a holistic approach to brand and strategy. He's an excellent designer and an accomplished Solopreneur who knows how to assemble a team to meet deadlines to achieve incredible results. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for many years and he remains my go-to person when thinking about the crucial importance of messaging and communication."

Gavin Thomas
VP, Development - Hendricks Commercial Properties
over 20 years of EXPERIENCE condensed INTO A SINGLE CURRICULUM

Learn from an unparalleled depth of Solo Business and Brand Strategy expertise.

The Solo Brand Builder Program features 8 comprehensive modules that build upon each other as you learn and grow. The curriculum features videos, documents, and worksheets that give you the essential knowledge needed to build the Solo business that sets you free.
Solo business foundations packed into one easy-to-understand initial phase. You'll learn what separates successful Solo business owners from those who fail and how to begin leveraging new skills for your own successful business.
Building a brand-centric business is like no other game. Learn practical and actionable methods for cultivating the powerful mindset that guides you through the process of building your business on your own powerful brand.
Building a successful Solo business requires a mix of skill sets that people who don’t run a business rarely need. Learn how to amplify your core skill set, stack crucial skills, and equip yourself with the fundamental business skills.
You get the same lessons my corporate clients paid me $ millions to learn. You'll gain an unfair advantage over your competitors, and will equip yourself with the fundamentals of Brand Strategy so you can stack them to your own skill set.
Identify and align with your ideal target audience. You’ll learn how to build a brand that reaches for their hearts so they reach for their wallets. Gain life-long commitments and a tribe who recruits people for you.
Make it impossible to say "no." Learn how to create on-brand marketing like a professional so you don't have to waste your time with cold outreach that only attracts bottom-feeders. High-quality customers flow to you, ready to go.
Craft the right Sales strategy - one that’s built on the foundation of strong relationships and powerful brand associations. Your sales conversations become an exercise in you qualifying them, not the other way around.
Learn how to run your business so it doesn't run you. Master business operations so you can maximize every minute of your effort and avoid the dreaded Feast and Famine cycle that destroys Solo businesses.
Learn from Someone Who BUILT HIS SOLO BRAND TO OVER $3.7M

Results Matter.

Since 2006, I’ve my clients have paid me $ millions to use my Brand Strategy skills to help build their brands. After adding it to my skill stack, companies have thrown $250,000 budgets at me like candy, knowing the power of process.

Now, I’m bringing EVERYTHING I know about building my Solo business on Brand Strategy to you for a fraction of the cost. The best part?

I’ve simplified 20 years of extensive knowledge down to an actionable, step-by-step program that anyone can follow.
My client list exceeds $4.92B in Enterprise Value. Some highlight names:
Dashboard mockup

Invest in your highest ROI asset: Yourself

The only person who can put you in the game is you. If you're tired of sitting on the sidelines while others with less skill and experience are living it up, you're one step away from getting started. Just schedule your call and we'll get you rolling.
***FOUNDING MEMBER DISCOUNT: For a limited time, get access to Solo Brand Builder for the lowest price it will ever be. I'm a firm believer in two things: 1) Rewarding those who join movements early and 2) Raising prices continuously. Take advantage of this epic no-brainer.


Platinum Plan

If you're an Enterprise-level player ready to break past your ceiling and own your market.
Payment plan available (Details on our call)
Schedule your call with Torrey
All Gold and Silver Tier features, plus:
Indefinite access to the Course, Group Coaching, Community, Resource Library, Review Sessions, and Skill Sessions for no additional charge
3-day personalized kickoff retreat that includes 1:1 Strategy Sessions and mindset-building activities in a high-end and exclusive setting
Bi-monthly 1:1 Focus Sessions to dial in strategic initiatives that improve the most important metrics in your business
On-demand calls and messages* (Details on our call)
*Not all applicants will qualify

Gold Plan

If you're building your business and want routine 1:1 guidance to keep you on track.
One-time investment.
Schedule your call with Torrey
All Silver Tier features, plus:
Indefinite access to the Course, Group Coaching, Community, Resource Library, Review Sessions, and Skill Sessions for no additional charge
1:1 Kickoff session
Bi-weekly 1:1 Coaching (6 months access)
Exclusive 1-hour Monthly Skill Sessions that cover advanced topics for Gold and Platinum members only (6 months access)
$10K guarantee* - Add $10,000 to your revenue or continue 1:1 coaching until you do (Details on our call)

Silver Plan

If you're ready to start building a brand-centric business that sets you free.
One-time investment.
Schedule your call with Torrey
6 months of access
Self-paced course with content, videos, documents, and worksheets
Weekly 1-hour group coaching sessions
Exclusive online community of high-quality solo founders built on the easy-to-use Skool platform
Resource Library with templates and how-to guides
Group Review Sessions breaking down real-life student content
Continue access to these features for a discounted rate after 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

You can always reach out to me if you have specific questions.
What do you mean by Brand?
It’s not your logo. It’s not your color schemes. It’s not your fonts. Your Brand is the gut feeling people get when they think about you. Imagine the impact you’ll have when people react positively to hearing your name.
What's the difference between Branding and Brand Strategy?
Your Brand is the gut feeling people get when they think about you. Brand Strategy includes all the powerful methods you use to influence that gut feeling. Think of it as a cause and effect relationship.
Can I pay in installments?
I’m a big fan of protecting cash flow. Because you’ll gain instant access to a comprehensive curriculum that puts a University degree to shame, I cannot offer installments. I trust you. I don’t trust the people who will copy it all and bail after one month and a few hundred bucks.
Will this program make me rich quick?
Nope. If you’re interested in a Get Rich Quick scheme, I can point you in the direction of the kids on Twitter who are comfortable lying to you. You will, however, be able to begin increasing your value in a matter of weeks.
Are you going to design my Marketing materials?
Maybe. My company, Sandpaper Studio, helps some of the top brands in the world with their campaign needs. If you have over $50K budgeted, we can talk. Otherwise, most people won’t need anywhere near that budget to build a solid Marketing campaign.
How does the $10,000 guarantee work?
For the Gold and Platinum tiers only, you keep access to all the features described above, including the 1:1 coaching calls with me for up to one year or until you add $10,000 to your revenue. If you achieve that faster than 6 months, you still keep the 1:1 calls until the end of the 6 months.
Isn't Branding all about pretty Marketing?
This is one of the most common misconceptions about Branding. We’re visual creatures, so we disproportionately value hot Marketing that arrives downstream from excellent Brand Strategy. There are tons of highly-niched people out there who don't build traditional Marketing campaigns at all because their Brand Strategy is so powerful.
What if I don't care about Marketing and logos and stuff?
You don’t necessarily have to. I made over $3.7M without much of a traditional Marketing presence. There’s much more to Brand Strategy than just visuals. Still, understand that everything we do is technically "marketing."
Isn't it expensive to build a Brand?
It can be. But, it doesn’t have to be. Brand Strategy is a skill. That means you can perform it repeatedly for no more cost than your time. Even most downstream business activities don’t have to be expensive.
How long do I keep access to the community and course?
Silver Plan members get access to the Community, Curriculum, Resource Library, and Group Coaching calls for 6 months. After that, they can continue on for a discounted monthly fee. Gold and Platinum members keep access to all of these items indefinitely.
What's your refund policy?
There are no refunds. A word of advice: Never work with people who ask about your refund policy before they buy from you.
What if I get a thrill from landing difficult prospects?
I get it. You might actually enjoy chasing clients. If so, you're going to love the thrill of chasing the biggest names once you have the foundation of a strong Brand. They only play with A players. And A players always have strong Brands.

Building a brand-centric business will separate you from everyone else

You're one step away from building a six-figure business that will completely transform your future.
Immediately increase your value to the market
Learning how to apply Brand Strategy to your business will also teach you how to apply it to your clients' businesses. I know many people who TRIPLED their budgets—myself included—by simply learning the skill of Brand Strategy.
Give up the nonsense Cold Outreach Sales pitches for good
No more constantly chasing the 3% of bottom feeders who respond to cold outreach. You'll learn how to attract and land quality customers who value your work, pay well, and refer you to their friends.
Outcompete others to land quality clients with bigger budgets
Avoid the Commodity Trap, where clients only see you as a vendor for a single service line. High-quality clients seek comprehensive solutions to complex problems. Equip yourself with the means to serve them.
Trade time selling for time doing what you love to do
When you attract and retain high-quality clients, you spend as little as NONE of your time with exhausting Sales activities. What would you do if you had 20 more hours per week and doubled your income?